Make The Web Work For You – Final Project Presentation

22 Jun

So my idea for my final project was to plan a (fictional) makerday for a library. I was reminded by Linda at SLV that I had not done a Lotus template document earlier in the course, so I realised that by filling out one of these I could organise and note down the ideas that had been swirling around in my head. It also helped me to clarify to myself a range of points comparing the different issues facing this kind of activity in a school library as opposed to a public library. Lotus template – makerday

Next I used a Diigo account to collect some links I found while doing my research.

Finally I used Glogster to create a poster for my school library Makerday. (don’t try showing up on the advertised day though, I’m afraid it’s not really happening…unless I start getting organised REALLY quickly!)

I found all these tools really useful in this project. As usually happens, reading about them didn’t necessarily instill a huge sense of excitement but once I actually started using them, their value became much more apparent. I think I’ll be continuing to use the Diigo account in the future for keeping track of interesting links.



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One response to “Make The Web Work For You – Final Project Presentation

  1. vicpln

    June 25, 2015 at 4:53 pm

    Hi Kara
    Thanks for submitting your Lotus template – you would have noticed how the process can help stretch and make visible the territory of your research topic. Realistically, the template is a document that is evolving as you learn new things about the subject – so feel to keep adding to it further down the track.
    The gloster poster looks terrific.
    Best wishes
    (on behalf of the team)


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