Make The Web Work For You – Course Reflection

22 Jun
  • Look back over the course and record the key concepts and tools from each module that you felt were useful and relevant to you. Record how you applied relevant ideas and tools to your project

I think from the first module, searching out new blogs and looking at alternative ways to see updates from them was relevant for me. I found some blogs that were relevant to my project and found some useful information. From the second module, Google’s search tools and specialised search engines re-introduced me to some things I’d known previously but had forgotten about. I was then able to use some of the search tools to find a specific article that I was asked to find. Module 3 prompted me to reconsider how I evaluate information on the internet, and encouraged me to expand my professional networks. Module 4 introduced me to a number of citation tools which are good resources to recommend to students. It also made me think about my current workflows and where I’m not being particularly effective in my information gathering. I created a Diigo account for my project, collecting links to relevant pages. Module 5 prompted me to use Twitter more proactively as part of my PLN. With regards the presentation tools, I have used Animoto and Storybird before for a previous course, but I decided toe to try Glogster for my project.

  • Reflect on the ideas and tools you plan to apply in your day-to-day work

I am definitely going to use Twitter more for my PLN. I’d like to consider more the whole idea of digital citizenship, especially in how I contribute on the web. I’m also interested in exploring Diigo further, particularly the next time I have any kind of project to work on.

  • Think about how you feel about the web after completing the course. Has your attitude changed?

I don’t think my attitude has changed dramatically after completing this course. It has perhaps piqued my interest a little in some tools or perhaps made me think more about problems in my current workflows. I’m not sure yet if I’ve found the right tools to fix these problems, I think it’ll take a bit more thinking and testing. I am planning on developing my PLN and being more proactive with my blog but we’ll have to see how that develops as life gets in the way.



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Posted by on June 22, 2015 in Make The Web Work For You


One response to “Make The Web Work For You – Course Reflection

  1. vicpln

    June 25, 2015 at 5:12 pm

    Thanks for your reflection Kara. I’m glad that the course was useful in reminding, reiterating, instigating, and expanding your knowledge on online searching and its tools.

    Thanks for joining us on this occasion, and I hope that you’ll keep up with all your new adoptions (skills, tools, habits…etc)
    Best wishes
    (on behalf of the team)


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