Make The Web Work For You – Don’t Search Find module reflection

18 May

When it comes to my own project, which is very broad and looking at current issues, I found that Google has really been the best place for me to search. Services like Trove, digitised newspapers and digitised primary sources would work better when looking for a more historical perspective. It is certainly always interesting to look deeper into and refresh myself on Google’s search, its different databases and functionalities. I will definitely be keeping in mind the Google search tools. I had thought recently that the ability to search on only Australian sites had disappeared from Google, but have now found where they hid it.

Certainly the first thing to think about when doing a search would be what kind of information would you like to get back, for example, blog posts or images or videos or war diaries.Thinking about my project, it seems like the best results for me are usually blogs posts, as I’m looking for current programs being run and this would be the most common way for people to publish this information. Also possibly things could be formally published as articles, meaning that something like Google Scholar could also be useful and this is not something I would have thought about before this module. Videos would also be useful in terms of promotional clips or how-to’s for specific activities.

Regards my findings in my project, there are a lot of different activities being organized for teens in libraries. Some of the major trends include ‘makerspaces’ (isn’t that just a major buzzword at the moment), crafts, passive programming, using social media such as twitter, tying into technology (e.g. coding, gaming and byod activities) and connecting activities with things the kids are into e.g. minecraft. Some of the activities may work better in a school library or a public library, taking into account issues such as the level of supervision required, budgeting, how the teens currently see the library’s function for them and how engaged the kids are.


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One response to “Make The Web Work For You – Don’t Search Find module reflection

  1. vicpln

    May 28, 2015 at 4:47 pm

    Lucky that you were there to stop the man from emailing his personal details to the scam. Thanks for sharing with us your experiences with using and being apart of an online community. Obviously you found it helpful, so please spread the word, and let others know of the value of joining an online community.
    Best wishes
    (on behalf of the team)


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