Learning 2.0 – #13 Tagging, folksomonies & social bookmarking in

11 May is something that I’ve heard about before and had a vague idea what it was about so it was interesting to do this activity to actually get a feel for how it can be used. Certainly if you have a number of websites you use regularly and you are also going to be accessing them from multiple computers, it’s a great idea to keep them ‘in the cloud’, as it were rather than based on one computer. I myself have the tendency to bookmark webpages on my computer and then never actually return to them. I actually find myself using Google to remember URL’s, just typing a site name into the ubiquitous search box.

I was also interested in how compares to Pinterest which I have been hearing about lately (and seeing popping up on my Facebook feed). It seems that Pinterest works only with images rather than the whole webpage but the visual aspect also seems to make it extremely engrossing. I think that this would work fantastically as some kind of inspiration board, gathering visual ideas. I’m sure a lot of future brides/wedding planners would be going crazy on this site. It seems there has been some controversy over copyright concerns in the use of Pinterest. The internet and the speed which it is developing, changing and creating new channels for sharing and distribution is going to continue to create issues around ideas of copyright, intellectual property and privacy which libraries need to be aware of and even involved in.

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