Learning 2.0 – #8 Make life “really simple” with RSS & a newsreader

17 Apr

You may have noticed, I am not doing the Learning 2.0 steps strictly in order. The way I see it, as long as I get to the end eventually, it shouldn’t make too much of a difference.

I had heard before about RSS and had a general idea of what they did. I remember in the old days of simple, homemade websites that people would embed a feed from, for example, a news website that would then give their site the illusion of constantly updated content. I guess the thing that I didn’t understand (and perhaps still don’t) is how people use RSS in the different web landscape that we use today. When I get on my computer I usually go to a few specific websites to see what new information there is for me, usually Facebook and email, and a few other websites which have come and gone over the years. I’ve wondered how it is that RSS fits into this content I’m being provided with, and this activity has pretty much confirmed for me that it is about adding a new website that I would also need to log into on a regular basis. Currently I receive email notifications from a number of library blogs when they post new content, and the unread emails are a constant reminder of something for me to get to when I have the time. Using a service like Bloglines certainly does seem like a valid way of consolidating these feeds but I would need to make a determined effort to not let checking it fall by the wayside (as my recent foray into Twitter tends to).

This is definitely something which would be useful in a work situation where keeping up with industry news was expected and time for this could be scheduled into the daily routine. In my current, slightly chaotic, situation I think this is something I will try to return to when possible.

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