Being a super-librarian

11 Mar

A few days ago Sally Pewhairangi (@sallyheroes) tweeted about a blog post titled “New Librarianship: Librarians“. It looked interesting, but having had a particularly busy week or two, it took me until the next day to get around to reading it. I had actually been thinking about the fact that at the moment there don’t seem to be enough hours in the day to get on top of everything that I want to achieve. So when I read this blog post, I was actually at first quite daunted by the image of this kind of ‘super’- librarian it seemed to be espousing. Words like polymath, hypervigilance and always-on seemed to be chastising me, almost making me doubt the right to call myself a librarian. The sentence “True librarians can walk into an empty room, and suddenly it becomes a library” made my stomach sink, what a thing to try to live up to.

Luckily I also came across the Storify put together by Ned Potter in which a Twitter discussion about the blog post in question puts things into a little different perspective. Here they discuss a bit more about work-life balance, being able to switch off and about being committed to a job without necessarily having to be immersed in Twitter/marketing oneself/presenting at conferences etc. I guess as a new graduate I feel the need to be caught up in this at the moment, ‘marketing myself’ online and keeping up with all the ‘big picture’ things happening in the industry. However, I also have to concentrate on the job I have, learning the practical skills I need to do the best job I can and learning all I can from my colleagues, many of whom are inspiring and talented without even necessarily being librarians and who may never have presented at a conference or have had a large online following.

So I guess what I need to do right now is work on what I can do, reflect on what I can’t do while working to change that and not worry too much about being a super-librarian (just yet anyway….).

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