If you read them too much, you’ll go blind

14 Feb

So, part of the reason for setting up this blog was as part of the Learning 2.0 program, a series of tasks which help library staff explore new technologies. Item #5 is about discovering Flickr, the photo sharing site and the task is to blog about an image of interest.

The link above is to an image of a book display at  at Lansing Public Library in Illinois from 2006 and the books on display are all books which have been banned at some point.

I particularly liked this image as not only is it a great visual display, with the yellow caution tape catching your eye, each book having a cover sticker explaining why this book was banned or challenged and a great looking poster, but it also illustrates these glorious core values of librarianship. Promoting the free access to information regardless of the controversial nature of the ideas….resisting attempts to restrict access to information….supplying information while not promoting or suppressing particular ideas or beliefs….working within the law while also working to change laws that stop libraries from promoting equitable access (paraphrased from the ALIA Statement on free access to information)

I’m so glad I chose to become a librarian.

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