Going out into the big wide world

11 Feb

So here I am. After finishing my Grad Dip it’s now time to start my career. I’ve never really felt like I had a career before. I got to 38 years old with a long and varied history of jobs (most of them interesting, all of them learning experiences) but had never felt like I had much of a direction. I just found myself following the work breezes. And over 4 years out of the workforce as a stay-at-home mum made me feel like my job-cogs had ground down to a complete stop.

However now I have a career-specific qualification. I know (in general terms) where I want to go. I can even go so far as calling myself a librarian. From my childhood dream, with two false starts along the way, I am a librarian. It doesn’t seem quite real. “I’ve only got a casual job”, I tell myself, “I’ve only just started”. But attending Library Camp Oz 2012 yesterday made me really feel like I’m part of a real community. A friendly, welcoming community who took me seriously, who talked to me as an equal, who offered to help me on my way and who got me thinking and reflecting on what kind of librarian I want to be.

So I’m going out into the big wide world but it doesn’t seem scary or lonely. My support network, my PLN just got so much bigger.

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